Size Guide

As all the labels we stock vary slightly in size, we are only able to offer a general sizing chart. Korean brands usually offer slim and fit sizes and normally the length is true to its sizes.

If available we will provide product specific size information on the product pages. This information is provided by the brand itself and we cannot guarantee it is accurate. It might be that the information is in Korean in which case you can contact us for help. If ages are indicated then they are suited for average Korean children of that age and might not fit well for Non-Korean children. It is best to assume that Western children need one size bigger than Korean children of the same age.

Baby sizes:

Age Korean size US/EU size Height Weight
0 to 6 months 70(XS) 0-6mths 55-65cm 3-7kg
6 to 12 months 80(S) 6-12mths 65-75cm 8-10kg
12 to 18 months 90(M) 12-18mths 75-82cm 10-12kg

Children sizes:

Age Korean size US/EU size Height Weight
1 to 2 years XS (3) 2T 80-90cm 12-13kg
2 to 3 years S (5) 3T 90-100cm 12-14kg
3 to 4 years M (7) 4T 100-105cm 14-17kg
4 to 5 years L (9) 5T / 6T 105-115cm 17-22kg
5 to 6 years XL (11) 7T 115-125cm 22-25kg
7 to 8 years XXL (13) 8T 125-135cm 25-30kg

Please be careful not to confuse the Korean size numbers with the EU and US size numbers. For example, when the website or clothing tag says size 3 that doesn’t mean it is size 3T. Instead it will be comparable to US/EU size 2T, as shown in the above table.

Junior sizes:

Age Korean size US/EU size Height Weight
7 to 8 years JS (13 / XXL) 8T 125-130cm 25-30kg
8 to 9 years JM (15 / 3XL) 8T / 10T 130-140cm 30-35kg
9 to 10 years JL (17 / 4XL) 10T 140-150cm to 40kg
10 to 12 years JXL (19 ) 12T 150-160cm to 50kg

Shoe sizes:

Korean shoe sizes correspond with the child’s foot size in mm.



Sleepwear sizes:

Korean sleepwear is usually numbered from sizes 90 to 160. The size numbers correspond with the child’s height in cm. Be sure to take one size bigger, so for a child of 105 cm it is recommend to get size 110.